About the Range

Come smack our balls! We have a sheltered range open to 300 yards of range!

We will be modifying our range in spring of 2023 to enlarge tee boxes as they were slightly too narrow this season!

General Information

  • Now open for season!
  • All our pails contain at least 100 balls, whether a walk-in or a package owner.
  • All our tee boxes accommodate lefties or righties.
  • The range will be open daily, as it is sheltered.
  • We accommodate walk ins and have packages available for the entire 2023 season.
  • With a package, partial pails may be returned to your locker to be used on a later date.

Flags & Target Distances

  • 50 yds = chipper box
  • 100 yds = red flag
  • 150 yds = white flag
  • 200 yds = blue flag
  • 250 yds = yellow flag

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