About Us


Hi everyone! My name is Justin, I’m currently entering my fourth year of my Agribusiness degree at the University of Manitoba and am very interested in sales. I’ve been working a sales position with BASF in the summers as well as working on the farm and maze. Odds are you won’t see me at the maze (unless you’re super lucky), my main tasks are behind the scenes and focus more so on the golf range and maintenance! My favourite activity at the maze is the golf range! If you’re lucky I’ll be greeting you this fall!


Hi mazers! My name is Janik, I’m the friendly voice that answers the phone when you call the corn maze! When it comes to the corn maze I’m all things tech, I run our social medias and am often in the shack greeting you all and handing you out great snacks. My favourite thing at the corn maze is all the activities (most of all the mini golf). This fall I will be entering my first year of University at the University of Manitoba in the faculty of Sciences. I am hoping to become a doctor, I’ve been passionate about helping people my whole life (I guess that’s why I run the phones). Can’t wait to greet you at the maze!


Hello! I’m Taya, this fall I’m going into grade 11 at the Highschool in Notre Dame. When it comes to the corn maze I’m the main cashier and am a jack of all trades, master of none (but if you ask me I’m the CEO). When you come to the maze the chances you see me are almost 100% (unless I’m on my lunch break). After highschool I am not sure what I want to do yet, I change my mind daily. The one thing that I don’t change is my love for greeting everyone. My favourite thing at the maze is our great snacks that I get to hand out (especially the slurpies!) Can’t wait to get you one when I see you!