How it Works


Walk ins

  1. Honorary system, $10 cash
  2. Please place your money in the box, grab a pail from the side
  3. Drop the key in the safe beneath the machine and re-lock the locker.
  4. Pick a tee box and swing away!
  5. Once done, please return pail and remaining balls to designated area.

Package Owners

Package Purchase

  1. We offer multiple packages, see the package options page to select a package that works for you!
  2. All information regarding package purchase can be found at the package options page.

Package general information

  1. With a package, you will purchase a set amount of pails that you have access to across the season.
  2. You will be given a designated locker where you will be able to find one/two pails daily (depending on package).
  3. You must provide your own lock to the locker, as we can fill the lockers from the back we don’t need a key/know your password!
  4. Once your pail is empty, you can leave the pail in the designated empty pail area near the entrance, we will refill the pail and remove a pail from your total.

Package FAQ

Q: Can I share a locker with someone?
A: Yes! If you want to share a locker with someone you are more than welcome to! Just remember you only have a certain amount of pails in your locker and on your package!

Q: What if I run out of pails?
A: We offer “top ups” to increase the amount of pails you have access to.

Q: What if I want more than one pail in my locker for a day for someone to come use for one day. (ie brother in law is coming down and you want to use 2 pails from your package)
A: Text us 24h in advance and we will be able to accommodate something with you.

Q: How do I know how many pails I have left?
A: We will email/text you a reminder once you have 2 pails remaining on your package

Q: I’m a package owner, and can’t hit 100+ balls in one visit, what do I do with my unfinished pail?
A: No worries! Return it to your locker, as pails are only refilled once they are in the designated “return pail area”.